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The first week of June in Singapore might mark the start of a month-long school vacation for students, but this is rarely the case for teachers. There are workshops and conferences galore that they get to attend. For some, have to attend. This CNA piece on one such event gleefully reported how well “blended” learning […]

In December 2020, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced in a press release that it would build on the home-based learning experience — made mandatory due to our COVID-19 lockdown — by “making Blended Learning a key feature of the schooling experience”.  The MOE defined blended learning (point 4 of the press release) as “a […]

"NX9 – High Quality Visualization" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Siemens PLM Software   I am distilling some wisdoms on blended learning for a possible webinar next month. The ingredients are that blended learning: is not one catch-all concept, strategy, or practice is about providing seamless experiences should not be confused with blended teaching should focus on the learner […]

  by  giulia.forsythe    There is a question that sometimes irks me after I am done with workshops, talks, or demonstrations. That question is: Do you have something I can read on [topic]? Depending on the context, my knowledge of that person, or my reading of mindsets, that person falls into one of at least two categories. […]

In a previous entry, I mentioned how CeL was starting a blended learning series of professional development for teacher educators. This is the title slide of the first of that series. Tomorrow I am sharing what I do not usually do (lecture) and how I tried to blend it with more progressive strategies (backchannel, get/give […]

  by  cookbookman17    A participant of my flipped learning course asked me a question in our shared online space. Dr Tan, I want to ask what’s the difference between blended learning and flipped learning. Was googling and found this term. Is blended learning a part of flipped learning? This was my reply. Like flipped learning, blended […]

"Online Learning" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by leanforward_photos   Today I continue with my notes on yesterday’s article. The other half of the article started with a rather optimistic “shifts from old-fashioned binary thinking” of face-to-face vs online. IMHO, reality bites hard and people still operate by that binary, e.g., face-to-face is better. Thankfully, it focused on more nuanced […]

“Online Learning” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by STML   If there was an agenda in this excellent review article, it was to provide answers to the question: What is online learning? Here is Part 1 of my notes on the article. Early-1990s Online learning with synonymous with asynchronous, text-based learning Blended learning was about mixing face-to-face and online modes […]

I recently concluded online-only lessons for teachers who had to learn how to infuse ICT. Today I share design elements to make an online lesson a blended one. Note: Blending is NOT just about combining online and face-to-face activities. It is also about seamlessly mixing different teaching strategies, tools, content, evaluations, etc. Each of my […]

If you asked teachers and instructional designers to define blended learning, I wager most would say that it is the mixing or combination of face-to-face teaching and online learning. There is more to blending than that — it is also about seamlessly reconstituting different content, pedagogies, strategies, technologies, and more. The mixing should be so […]

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