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About a week ago, the Straits Times reported that our National Development Minister, Khaw Boon Wan, said that Bhutan is not Shangri-La on Earth [archived copy]. There is also a small segment on this topic in the video clip below. Video source He was addressing the pursuit of happiness, and when Bhutan was cited as […]

It was not the fault of Plickers. It was a terrible 0g and SWN connection at a school venue. Speedy. Am rediscovering places in Singapore where I can go from 4g to 0g in no seconds. Smart nation, anyone? — Dr Ashley Tan (@ashley) June 19, 2017 Yesterday I planned on using Plickers at a […]

I seem to be on an annual “pilgrimage” to the Philippines of late. In 2013, I delivered a keynote for the Philippine eLearning Society. In 2014, I was a plenary speaker for the Policy, Governance and Capacity Building conference. This year, I was invited to keynote at De La Salle University, Dasmariñas. View this post […]

   by  Francesco_G    I read this MindShift article on the problems with BYOD for immigrant students. Not only did the students have relatively low access to their own technology, their inability to communicate in a common language was a major barrier. But the author made a statement that made me pause for thought: They don’t […]

My Services I started offering workshops on the educational use of Web 2.0 and instructional design in 2006. I have since expanded my services to include workshops, seminars, and consultancy on: enabling flipped learning (not just the flipped classroom) redesigning pedagogy with video game-based learning managing ICT-enabled systemic change leveraging on technology-mediated pedagogies integrating social […]

  by  Rishi Menon  Recently I spent a fair bit of time refreshing an old laptop and an old Mac mini. I am donating both to folks I know in Bhutan. Messing about with both computers brought back some pleasant memories. The Mac mini was the first Mac I bought for my wife when we were living […]


Video source This is not the first YouTube video featuring a young’un using an iPad and it won’t be the last. It will certainly strengthen the view that kids are somehow wired to take to technology like fish to water. That child (and others like him) will certainly grow up with digital technologies. As the […]

I am maintaining this page to illustrate how one might maintain an e-portfolio outside the confines of imposed structure and a “learning” “management” “system”. Why all the quotation marks? LMS pretend to be about learning; they are designed at best for teaching and at worst for controlling content. Just because you claim to be teaching […]

Video source The YouTube video is one of several that people took of the flood at Orchard Road three weeks ago. I was away in Bhutan when I read about the floods in Singapore striking again and in more places than one. When I got back, I read in the Straits Times forum someone lamenting […]

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