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Yesterday I shared four pedagogical considerations for backchannelling. Today I suggest a framework, strategies, and tips on backchannelling. Caveat: Like yesterday, the content I share today is a draft of ideas swirling about in my head. I shared this framework at a few conference talks when urging educators to leverage on social media-based learning. Most […]

I was prompted to draft some thoughts on designing backchannel activities by @ryantracey who interviewed me for an eLearning Magazine article in April. I have used an assortment of tools or social media platforms for backchannelling during lectures or talks: Facebook, Edmodo, Twitter, Padlet, TodaysMeet, GoSoapBox, and Pigeonhole. Whatever the tool, the purpose of the backchannel […]

   by  Sergio Maistrello    Richard Byrne was open enough to share a misstep in his use of a backchannel. He concluded that trying to use it in combination with a quiz was a bad idea. I use backchannels for my learners or audience members to discuss issues amongst themselves, to raise their own questions, and […]

I used as backchannels for a conference presentation and a keynote in October. I will be using it again when I deliver a keynote in the Philippines in December. I have recommended it for an internal event in NTU later this month. I used to rely on Twitter. I like Twitter for the continuity […]

by cambodia4kidsorg Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. They are not too smelly, I promise. I am part of a committee that evaluates presentations of edtech projects that compete for funding. Let us say that we have to listen to 10-minute presentations, have five minutes to ask questions, and have five more minutes […]

I tried encouraging audiences to backchannel or ‘live’ tweet at my last three talks (Google Apps for Ed, Indonesia; Google Apps for Ed Summit, Singapore; 10’CMT). I had different degrees of success, so that got me thinking about what helped and what did not. I started off each time by wanting the “talk” to be […]

"Sunset" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by bobosh_t   Edtech tools are not created equally and even the best ones do not survive the test of time. The first half of 2018 will see the demise of Storify and TodaysMeet. We say goodbye to Storify on 16 May 2018 and ta-ta to TodaysMeet on 16 Jun 2018. (The links lead […]

When I am first approached by organisers of speaking events like conferences, seminars, or symposia, the question they want answers to is: What can you contribute to the conference or event? That is a logical question given that the organisers are looking for a good fit and bang for their buck. I had a Skype […]

Talks are the least effectiveness way to effect change, but they are a necessary evil because people still organise them and the talks can have extensive reach. But when I conduct talks, seminars, or keynotes, I ensure that I interact with my audience richly in a few ways. Why do this? Most speakers will use […]

In describing how I might design for interaction during what are normally passive talks, I mentioned how I used Google Forms for a quiz, AnswerGarden to crowdsource ideas, and Google Slides’ Q&A tool for a keynote I delivered yesterday. This is my reflection on how things panned out. I used Google Forms to get participants to […]

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