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Judging from the WordPress notifier, my reflection, Lazy curation is not curation, resonated with quite a few people. It helped that a few key tweeps passed the message along by tweet-sharing it. I am guessing that algorithms take into account the number of hits a link gets because I serendipitously discovered that the blog entry […]

Almost every day I get notified on Twitter that something I created or shared is part of someone’s “curated” e-paper. I should feel flattered, but I am not always pleased. The part of me that celebrates is the fact that everyone today can be a leader, publisher, or broadcaster. Your artefact can be right beside […]

On an almost daily basis, I get notified by Twitter that something I wrote or a tweet I shared is part of someone else’s curated e-paper. For example, I get tweets like “The [name] Daily is out! Stories via @ashley…”. These tweets become spammy when others listed with me retweet or favourite the tweet […]

Twitter is sometimes described as a stream of consciousness. I wondered if streams of unconsciousness might exist. They do and I was upset when I saw one. It was like watching an unconscious loved one slip further into a coma. One stream of unconsciousness looked like this. It was an unbroken string of tweeted ads. […]

I remember Ask Jeeves like I remember Lycos and Hotbot. These were search engines before Google. I remember curation before the likes of fire-and-forget services like These tweet “curations” are Ask Peeves for me because they piss me off.   “angry kitten” (CC BY 2.0) by havankevin   Last month I tweeted an article about providing effective […]

“3” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by  KtKatrina    I processed over 50 statements from the SSI Enables poll and am responding to those that had clear questions. I started by responding to backchannel questions in part 1, and questions on work culture and worker-learner mindset in part 2. This is part 3 on MANAGING WORKPLACE LEARNING. How do you […]

Some Twitter users die, but not literally. They stop using the service for a long time and then rise from the dead to feast. I have noticed some who seem to tweet or retweet only at major events.   “Zombies!!!” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by  cjggbella    Is there anything wrong with this? Is it not their right to […]

“Nissan Qashqai Challenge London” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by  Richard Parmiter    I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who claims to be an educator but is not on Twitter. By being on Twitter I do not mean having a handle you signed up for 30 weeks ago after 30 minutes of sanctioned training. I mean being on […]

There is an unfounded fear that technology will replace teachers. I emphasize “will replace” as the pointless fear because the process has already begun. I do not mean replacements like the examples STonline gave recently as the “future” of education. STonline view of ed in 2065: IWBs, digi-natives, robots, flipped instruction? (Gag!) #edsg […]

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