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Yesterday I started Niantic’s second Pokémon Go Community Day (PGCD) on a high, experienced a low, but ended on another high. PGCD is a monthly event that encourages players to explore the outdoors to find special Pokémon and rewards. February’s Pokémon was Dratini that could “evolve” to Dragonites with the draco meteor charge move. There […]

This reflection begins with a Pokémon Go gaming strategy and ends with a principle of game-based learning that often escapes teachers. After I am done with a Level 5 (the highest) raid boss battle, I occasionally hear someone complain how few premier balls they received to catch the boss. I suspect that these people persist […]

Today I reflect on another successful Pokémon Go Exclusive Raid I had last week. This was my second in about a fortnight. I combine what I wrote about moving from data to information and my resolve from the first raid. It took only a few weeks for talented individuals to crowdsource user data, suggest patterns, […]

Two days ago, I used my first Pokémon Go (PoGo) exclusive raid experience to illustrate how social leadership emerged from a crowd. Today I illustrate how members of a crowd chose to respond to investigative analysis. In doing so, I link a game-related phenomenon to a social one in the teaching fraternity. Nicholas Oyzon AKA […]

Like the privileged few who get to play Pokémon Go (PoGo) while overseas, I found out how different the experience was compared to playing in Singapore. I am not referring to catching the regional exclusive Pokémon (like Mr Mime in Europe). I am talking about the culture of play. Playing PoGo was much less stressful […]

I still play Pokémon Go. Perhaps play is the wrong word. I persist with it when others have stopped because it represents how I like to learn. While some teachers talk about ways to enhance teaching with PoGo, I consider how it enables powerful learning. I have shared some perspectives before. Today I suggest more […]

Although I am no longer an academic, I see research opportunities everywhere. One set of untapped research is in Pokémon Go (PoGo). I am not talking about the already done-to-death exercise studies or about the motivations to play and keep playing. I am thinking about how sociologists might add to PoGo’s trend analysis. Number crunchers […]

"One size fits all…." (CC BY 2.0) by The Candid Street   My reflection today is about how the practice of “one-size-fits-all” helps and harms. I use a recent change in Pokémon Go as an example. About a week ago, the Pokémon SG Facebook group reacted with dismay that Niantic had put bigger restrictions on playing the game […]

Pokémon Go might technically be augmented reality (AR), but that form of AR does not serve any significant purpose. You can play PoGo with or without your phone’s camera on. If it is on, your “virtual” game play is projected on the “real world”. With the camera off, you play exactly the same game with […]

My reflection today is about the value of game-based learning over gamification. I use a personal accomplishment in Pokémon Go to illustrate both. A few days ago, I joined Pokémon Go’s “Club 141” by registering 141 Pokémon in my Pokédex. This is not an official club. It is an informal achievement that players here use to […]

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