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If you found out that a tool and practice you have relied on was based on false premises, would you still use them? I wager you would not if you placed weight on basic ethics. I recently found out about a school’s career guidance programme. I have no beef with that because kids need to […]

Schools that use the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) for career guidance and other programmes need to learn what a sham and scam it is. The MBTI is not scientifically-based, and yet companies make a healthy profit off the tests they offer to schools and workplaces. But I fear that this important message falls on deaf […]

This is another title phrased as a question that follows the Betteridge Law of headlines. No, most personality tests do not mean anything. Watch this video for a quick low down on why. Video source There is no value in knowing what kind of sandwich you are or which house in the Harry Potter world […]

Most working adults are probably familiar with the Myers-Briggs inventory of personality types. This “test” claims to tell you what type of person you are. Organisations are known to hire and place people on tests like these. Video source The problem with the Myers-Briggs test and other inventories like it is that they are invalid […]

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