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I reflected twice on getting a mobile connection while travelling in Malaysia. The first time I relied on a Digi prepaid SIM; the second time I went with Maxis Hotlink. I just returned from a short trip, this time with neither a mifi device and nor a Malaysian prepaid SIM card. Local telco providers have […]

I am adding to my irregular “getting connected” series where I share my processes and thoughts on getting prepaid SIMs when travelling overseas. I recently travelled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and did my homework first on how to stay connected. In the past, I shared how I either sought prepaid SIMs once I arrived or […]

This is the latest addition to my “Getting connected in…” series on overseas prepaid SIMs. In my previous Getting connected in Malaysia, I recommended the prepaid Digi SIM. This week I tried Maxis Hotlink while I was there for a conference. I had done my research online beforehand and targetted the 1GB for RM10 plan […]

This is a contribution to my irregular “getting connected” series on using prepaid SIM cards overseas. My largest collection of SIMs must be from Malaysia given that it is Singapore’s closest neighbour. I have SIMs from Digi, Xpax, and Tune Talk. I have the most number of SIMs from Digi as my research revealed it to […]

I am adding to my irregular series on getting connected with prepaid SIM cards while overseas. Other entries in this series: Denmark; Sweden; Hoi An, Vietnam; Nikoi Island, Indonesia. My Denmark and Sweden entries get many views every day, so I hope the information I share below on UK prepaid SIMs (Three and EE) is useful. Three I […]

About six months ago, I shared how I purchased mobile Internet access in Denmark and Sweden. The reflections were popular leading up to the year end holiday travel season. I wondered out loud in a rise above reflection if I should share how I got connected in other places. Rather than share months or years […]

Rising above my experiences on getting data SIMs in Sweden and Denmark, I had five overall thoughts. First, it helps to be organized. SIM cards are small, finicky things that are easy to lose. I carry SIMs, adapters, sticky tape, and the SIM tray pokey pin thing in an SD card case. I might consider […]

I am continuing what I started sharing about getting prepaid data SIMs in Sweden. Today I share my experience in Denmark with Lebara and Oister. Here are the bare essentials. DKK is the Danish kroner (one SGD is roughly about four DKK). Lebara SIM is 49 DKK in convenience stores 1 month: 1 GB, 50 […]

Finding out how to get 3G or LTE access via prepaid SIMs while abroad is always high on my list. I often find advice on this matter in travel forums or blogs. Bloggers tend to provide more details, but information can be out of date. So I am adding my two cents worth to the […]

Last month #asiaED chatted about the connected classroom. "What are the benefits of connected classrooms?" Day 2/7 of #AsiaEd "slowchat". #edsg #edchat Follow @asiaEDchat @ed_SG — Mr Sham (@shamsensei) September 2, 2014 I wondered if teachers and educators shared a common understanding and implementation of being connected. There are so many aspects of what it […]

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