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I do not think that I have had a teaching semester go by without knowing what to change the next. I need to make small but important edits to my Bloom’s Verb Wheel. This was my initial reflection on why I made edits to an existing wheel. My next two edits are to cross out […]

I finally got down to remaking a model of the revised form of Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT). This is a PNG that I share under this Creative Commons license: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. My Google Drawing of the revised form of BT is at and can be downloaded there as a PDF, PNG, JPG, or SVG (File […]

A little bit of a cognitive brain 🧠 massage on a Tuesday arvo! Thanks again @EduSum @charte @digilearnvic #solo #assessment #thereisperfectioninbeingunperfect #remotelearning — Jeremy Murphy (@changeking22) August 11, 2020 This tweet offers teachable moments. Tweets sometimes do not capture sufficient context thanks to their brevity. Even the embedded photo does not help much. The […]


Bloom (1913-1999) – Taxonomy of learning… not a hierarchy…100 learning theorists in 100 days 52/100 #100in100 — Donald Clark (@DonaldClark) March 2, 2020 I could not have said it better — a taxonomy (like Bloom’s) is not a hierarchy. Unfortunately, the way it is often represented (in a pyramid) implies and reinforces the […]

One of the initiatives I led when I was a faculty member was using open learning tools and resources. While administrators of academic institutions lock information down with the help of publishers, I countered with open publishing. While instructors concerned themselves with strict copyright and intellectual property rights, I pushed open source and Creative Commons […]

If there has been a theme for my last few reflections including this one, it has been this: Refuse to be confused. Recently I read an article whose author claimed that edtech was trapped in the basement of Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT). I agree the author’s conclusion, but not how he got there. To understand what the […]

The Electric Educator blogged about Google-Proof Questioning: A New Use for Bloom’s Taxonomy. Like me, you might have been drawn to the Google-proofing part of his blog topic. After reading his entry, I concluded that he made one excellent point, but skimmed on another in the process. He suggested how teachers could use a job […]

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