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Costly matters

Posted on: May 14, 2022

This tweeted article used basic mathematics to let us know that turning off the lights does not save us that much money.

How little might we save in Averageville, USA? About nine US cents a day or US$31 a year assuming ten lights were on continuously for eight hours a day.

That does not sound like much quantitatively, but the narrative misses out on the cost of being blasé about consuming energy. These days every cent matters, every point of use matters, and most importantly, mindset matters.

Every cent and dollar spent doing nothing useful is money wasted. Every pointless use of energy is a waste of time, effort, and resources. Every wasteful effort is indicative of self-centred thinking (what is this to me?) instead of systemic thinking (how do things connect?).

Leaving on lights might not cost much financially, but such action might indicate that the lights are not on in your head. That is a costly matter indeed.

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