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Do and tell

Posted on: May 9, 2022

Do actions speak louder than words? Sometimes they do, but words also matter.

If you say you believe in something, you have to prove it with clear and consistent behaviour. For example, I detest Facebook because of they way it uses and abuses our data. So I try not to help create that data by avoiding Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

BTW, here is a tweet thread by the former Chief Business Officer of WhatsApp on its sale to Facebook in 2014. He explained why he regretted negotiating the process. Here is a sample:

He used his words to counter his action and set new direction. In doing this, he wields influence because he has a relatively large audience.

Ordinary individuals should also do good work and talk about it. I am thinking of educators who reflect on and share their practice by blogging, vlogging, or tweeting. We do this not for glory or profit. We do this so that the edusphere becomes much smaller, connected, and richer. 

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