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Missed opportunity 

Posted on: April 1, 2022

Video source 

I look forward to every Jolly video because they provide wholesome and genuinely funny content.

But I also stand by my principle to do the least harm. This means calling out entertainment videos that might mislead the easily misled or perpetuate ignorance.

This Jolly video featured their family friend, a reverend, to react to supposed “black magic”. Supposed because there was no black magic. The phenomena they featured were natural and had biological, chemical, and physical explanations.

The Jolly team stayed in their comfort zone of reacting as lay folk when they could have invited science educators to debunk and explain. Yes, they are not an education-focused channel, but they missed an opportunity to also inform their over 2+ million subscribers.

Instead, they chose to ask a man of faith to share his opinions. They have every right to do this, but this does not move people forward in their thinking. Far too many people already rely on uncritical opinion or uninformed feelings. That mindset mistakes crystallisation for chemical trails in the sky, denies climate change, and fights against public health measures. 

I get it. The video is supposed to be entertaining. But why can it not be both entertaining and educational? For me, this was a missed opportunity to do the least harm by countering old mindsets.

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