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Citations not zeitgeist

Posted on: March 21, 2022

I do not envy processing the top 100 scientific papers to find out what I might learn from them. But I am glad someone did.

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As I have a background in biology, I was pleased to note that 39 of the top 100 papers were about biology lab techniques. There were also six on bioinformatics, four on phylogenetics, and seven that were medicine-related. 

But the numbers reflect citations and not zeitgeist. That is, they are a result of scientists doing the right thing by acknowledging the earlier work of others. These can be mundane if you had to make a YouTube video or write a press article.

The clickbait or current topics are not necessarily reflected in the top 100 papers. This is one more reason why I am a squeaky wheel not just going by the numbers. The quality behind the quantity and the narrative you tell with the numbers matter because that is what connects with people. 

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