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Posted on: January 23, 2022

Video source

I only just discovered the fantastic YouTube videos of DIY Perks. The creator of these videos, Matt, combines science, art and design like very few can.

I particularly like how he recycles parts from old computers and devices to create beautiful working pieces of art.

His videos are mostly how processes lead to a final product. This is quite the opposite of what we see in schooling — the final product is obvious and, if current assessment is any indication, valued more than the strenuous processes behind it.

Video source

Matt also provided even more insights into how he creates his videos. While this is also a process-behind-the-product approach, it also adds environmental context and tool use to the mix. These could be a tip for any educator who wishes to reflect on their work.

Sadly, these videos contrast with the black box that is teaching. Very few people want to see how educators prepare because such work is tedious and unglamorous. But I would bet that if more people gained such insights, they would appreciate educators much more.

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