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Unpacking lies

Posted on: January 17, 2022

Video source

MKBHD unpacked some lies by technology companies. These included claims by Tesla about how quick their cars were and how much power they could generate.

The problem with these lies is that they were packed with truth. For example, to show how much torque their cars could generate, Tesla chose wheel torque. Other cars’ figures were for engine torque. MKBHD suggested that the company simply be more transparent.

Screenshot of MKBHD video highlighting how Tesla should indicate that their figure for torque should be clearer by indicating that it is "wheel torque".

It takes content knowledge and expertise to unpack the lies, reveal the truths, and educate others in the process. The takeaway should not just be that companies tell lies of omission; it should be that we need to think more critically.

It might be harder to unpack lies by edtech companies, unethical edu-vendors, self-styled edu-gurus. These are the people behind the perpetuation of MBTI, learning styles, gamification, etc. They can do so because people do not investigate these more critically. 

Sometimes the lies, slip ups, or lack of professionalism of such “edu” companies are plain to see, e.g., the tweet above. But most times, they operate insidiously. I do my bit to unpack the lies behind those concepts and practices (see links above). Sadly, there is so much history of unquestioned acceptance that the lies have become accepted truths. 

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