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Thanks for the thanks

Posted on: December 8, 2021

According to my Google Drawings history, I created my first shared iteration of the verb wheel for the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy in August 2016.

I had been using an old version and a revised offline copy years before, but I decided to make a new one and share it openly. I did this primarily for a group of learners I like to call future professors.

My learners appreciated this, but not as much as people who discovered it online. I did not promote it — they must have Googled to find it.

Based on my WordPress statistics, it is the most popular artefact and blog entry I have made. It ranks #1 practically every day and universities all over the world have created links to my resource from their paywalled LMS.

Something this appreciated should have bouquets, right? No. I only just received two thank you comments after the job aid marinated in Google Drawings for five years.

I did not create the resource for glory. But I did specify its Creative Commons (CC) license, the first part of which was BY. This means acknowledging the source.

I cannot check if the users of my resource have linked and attributed properly because their web pages are locked behind paywalls. I only hope that they are familiar with CC.

But I am grateful to the two individuals (so far) who have thanked me for the effort. While I tend not to be an extrinsically-motivated person, I acknowledge that it feels good to be appreciated.


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