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Growing expertise 

Posted on: December 7, 2021

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I have mixed thoughts about “expertise”. 

Expertise can be hard to define because it is subjective and contextual. The easy answer about expertise is that you know it when you see it. Well, maybe.

Let’s assume that expertise develops along an arbitrary continuum of novice, intermediate, and expert.

A novice in any field is inexperienced and is probably hoping to collect clear answers to problems in her/his field. 

An intermediate is in the fuzzy middle of development and has accumulated experience and might be confident that s/he has answers to those problems. Some intermediates might view themselves as experts in their fields.

True experts do not let their experiences get in the way. They also realise that there are often multiple and/or fuzzy answers to complex problems. These experts might ask more questions than they provide answers.

I am not a novice in my field of technology-mediated pedagogies. I have been guilty of being an over-confident intermediate. I am now a humble expert — I value not knowing everything because that makes me want to learn.

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