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Imperfect practice

Posted on: December 1, 2021

There is an old joke that asks why doctors call what they do “practice”. The punchline might be about how they should stop practising and get on with real work. Or it might be about how terrifying it is that doctors are still just practising on you.

This is a semantic game of course, but not everyone appreciates the nuance.

Teaching and facilitating learning are skillsets that require lots of practice. If you do it right, this practice might not get easier past the novice stage.

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I have long maintained my own course sites. I created these because my partners either did not have LMS, or if they did, would cut access to resources based on administrative needs.

I keep a lists of things to do before, during, and after each semester. For example, I have a list for a short course that is currently 29 items long and keeps growing every semester. These items are not just reminders of what to update, but also of new ideas, new resources, and what strategies to change.

Practice does not always make perfect. Perfection is neither achievable nor desirable in teaching/facilitating. There are far too many variables to manage and most are out of my control. I choose to focus on what I should and can practice.


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