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Videos as guided missiles

Posted on: November 20, 2021

Anyone who might have red my reflection about edutainment might think I dislike fact-based shows. Not true.

Video source 

I like QI. I like it even more that I have insights into their people and processes thanks to the video above. I would normally use such a video to emphasise the importance of “processes behind product”.

But I link it to my previous stream of consciousness instead. Edutainment is not helpful if it is done only to get attention, to compensate for the lack of a teacher’s imagination, or for some short term gain. 

It can be powerful if it is part of a larger strategy. For example, something from popular culture might be an initial hook for a think-pair-share activity, subsequent whole class discussion, and a consolidation by reflection. 

The point is this: An entertaining video has little or no educational content until an educator facilitates thought and action around it. This might seem like an unnecessary statement to make, but I have observed far too many teachers use YouTube videos as fire-and-forget missiles. 

Like most synchronous learning resources, YouTube videos do not hit targets on their own. They need to be guided as do the students.

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