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Posted on: October 4, 2021

Sadly, the job of the press is not to educate but to sell more newspapers. Often it does this by simplifying instead of embracing and explaining nuance.

Take this tweet and the linked article as an example.

ICU capacity is not just about increasing the number of beds. It is also about having enough qualified people to take care of those in the ICU. Capacity should also include the upskilling and/or recruitment of such people.

If increased ICU capacity is only about more beds, then more primary school places in Singapore is just about increasing the number of classrooms. Just like we need more nurses and other professionals to take care of more people in the ICU, we need enough qualified teachers to take nurture their students.

But wait, isn’t making that connection is common sense? No, common sense is a rare commodity. 

A non-nuanced view just looks at numbers or takes numbers for granted. A nuanced mind questions those numbers and seeks quality and narrative. For an example of critical narrative, consider this Vox video on nuclear power.

Video source

The video illustrates how different sides emerge even after agreeing on the same numbers. The narratives they tell are based on values they hold. There is nuance behind the numbers.

The capacity for nuance does not come from reading superficial newspaper articles. It comes from questioning and discussing them. It comes from processing the information from experts and refusing to oversimplify. Are we building that capacity?

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