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Padlet and missing comments

Posted on: August 28, 2021

I have only just realised that copies of Padlet spaces do not include comments to the sticky notes.

This is an example of a sticky note that a student-teacher left in her exit ticket.

In the next screenshot, I show my attempt to address her query with comments in the sticky note.

How did I discover that comments are not preserved in copies of Padlets?

I make copies of my Padlet spaces for archiving. I then return the original Padlet spaces to their unused state for reuse the next semester.

I normally address exit ticket queries the next time my class meets. But given the necessary shift to online learning, I opted to provide responses directly in Padlet instead of limiting myself to the next session.

I was dismayed to discover that comments to sticky notes are not included in the archived copies. That is, the stickies in the copies look like the first screenshot instead of the second. I can archive what my learners share, but not how I respond.

Is this a bug or a feature? Why, Padlet, why?

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