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Google Drive for Desktop

Posted on: August 18, 2021

Users of Google’s Backup and Sync have probably received notifications that the service will be replaced with Google Drive for Desktop.

Google shared what the changes would be between the services.

I am least pleased with the item I highlighted above. I can no longer sync select Drive folders. I now either have to sync selected files or the whole drive. This is like removing mid-grain control and replacing it with a fine-grain or all-or-none choice.

The next row says I should be able to sync individual files for offline use. I tried doing this on my Mac Finder for files in the main folder and in sub-folders, but this option was greyed out and unclickable. I can mark individual files for offline use when I am at online app, but the files remain marked “online only” in Mac Finder. So this feature does not work (I hope, yet).

Making the move from Backup and Sync to Drive for Desktop can take a while. I left my Mac on while I had a leisurely meal.

When I came back, my Finder featured two new network drives: Google Drive (expected) and localhost (unexpected). The latter is a redundant shortcut to Drive and an eyesore. The former is actually a shortcut to a folder called My Drive, so this creates one additional and unnecessary click to get to files.

I hope my grouses are those of an early adopter. I just wish that developers keep to the golden rule of implementing change: Conduct usability studies before you roll out products or services.

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