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Misplaced mindsets

Posted on: August 10, 2021

While the tweet above might be tongue-in-cheek, it sends more than one signal.

The intended message might be that playing cooperative games by mashing a single desktop keyboard was more fun than having your own mobile device.

The messages the tweet misses are that the players with their own mobile devices are a) also cooperating, b) can potentially cooperate in larger numbers, and c) can do so anywhere there is a reliable Internet connection.

Nostalgia does not just colour our memories, it can sometimes blind action. If anyone looks back so fondly in the past and remains rooted there, I would not rely on them to work on problems today or build towards the future.

For me, this is a reminder that it is not enough to evaluate people based on their knowledge or skills. It is just as important to gauge their mindsets.

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