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Get over it

Posted on: July 5, 2021

If you read in between the lines, this tweeted headline says this: How to overpromise and oversimplify. 

A listicle (an article driven by a list) attempts to distill what its writer thinks are ultimate strategies, or worse, so-called best practices, for people to follow.

One problem with this is that formulae do not fit everyone. Another is that the chase for such  gain propagates a mindset of taking shortcuts and/or looking only over the short term.

Buying in to such a mindset and practice starts with asking what harm following such advice and thinking that you can abandon it later. We need to get over transactional thinking.

Instead we need to operate over a longer term. Oral skills are built over more than the one month that the article warns of. Such a test is also about confidence and fluency, which go beyond the classroom even though they are tested in one.

More than anything, we need to get over high-stakes tests that measure narrowly. They do not account for actual use, continued practice, remediation, or attitude of use. If they did have a long term and broader consequence, we would see and hear for ourselves in the public sphere.

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