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Unlearn an attitude

Posted on: July 2, 2021

I can empathise with the frustration expressed in the tweet above, but I do not sympathise with it.

I wonder: Which is the bigger objection — enduring boring procedural lectures or having to learn something different?

We can all probably relate to not enjoying webinars because they are disguised as lectures that do not connect. If you read the tweet thread, you gain insights on the disorganisation and poor pedagogy of the online session. The issue is not that the training was on Zoom. It was bad training on Zoom. At least two people pointed that out.

But I should point out that being a veteran at performing PCR swabs is not the same as supervising others who will be performing ART swabs. The swabbing tasks might be performatively similar, but the roles of a swabber and a supervisor are different.

How different? Put it this way: A platoon leader will need to know and do what a grunt does, but s/he must also operate in the capacity of a leader and manager. This takes preparation and practice.

Rising above, I wonder how many teachers here have uttered similar complaints. Theirs will not be about swabbing but possibly about facilitating online learning.

To those teachers I say: You cannot transfer what you do in class wholesale to the online realm. There are new and complex skills (e.g., bridging transactional distances, designing for asynchronicity, evaluating the affordances of edtech) that need to be learnt and practiced. But to do this, you must unlearn the attitude that you already know how to teach.

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