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Meaningful to whom and when?

Posted on: June 23, 2021

The first two kids in the tweet said what a teacher would like to hear. They internalised what they were taught and parroted it as expected. There is nothing wrong with that.

The third child provided an unexpected answer, but it was most meaningful to her. It was not a wrong answer because “revenge” could easily be part of a conflict that gets resolved eventually.

The first two kids stated concepts. This was a result of convergent thinking and teaching where examples boil down to a key idea. If a child remembers the concept, s/he might then reverse the process of think of useful examples. 

The last child’s answer is an example of divergent thinking and this can be difficult to teach. Such thinking can sometimes seem chaotic because it does not fit a cognitive category. But that does not mean that the answer is wrong.

Now that is how an academic, a teacher, or a parent might process the kids’ answers. The first two kids will get what is academically the right answers and probably do well in tests.

If the children maintain their main strategy for thinking through their schooling and then emerge as job candidates, who might an employer chose?

Put the question another way: Whose story do you want to read first? The most intriguing is Revenge Girl because it stands out. A prospective employer also wants positive standouts to add value to their organisations.

So what is meaningful to the learner in the short and long term?

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