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Don’t just tell

Posted on: May 20, 2021

Teachers and educators can learn from press briefings.

Press Q&As are important for both politicians and the press. Amongst other things, they allow politicians to explain policy and journalists to clarify.

But politicians must communicate as best they can first. Take this important press briefing to remind us about using better masks as a pandemic control measure.

Video source

The general public needed to be reminded or educated on why cloth and single layer masks were insufficient. But I wondered why the ministers and experts did not provide examples of better masks.

These examples could be images or actual samples of such masks. The visuals or physical artefacts would illustrate and reinforce the verbal message of what “better masks” meant. See what this newspaper did the next day.

As an educator, I am not about to cite the bunk myth of what we remember aurally vs visually. That pseudoscience “theory” was a misused version of Dales Cone of Experience.

However, there is support for providing multiple stimuli for cognitive encoding. This is why teachers are taught to provide more than one medium and method when teaching a new concept to students.

Rising above, it is easier to stick to what one is comfortable with, e.g., just speaking and expecting people to listen. The problem is that your audience or learners do not see what you see in your mind’s eye. With just a bit more effort, e.g., bringing a few different mask samples, you get your point across more efficiently and effectively. Don’t just tell, show and tell.

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