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Dumb founded

Posted on: April 30, 2021

If you read the actual research about the effect of handwriting, you do not need to try to get past this pay-walled “news” article. 

It is an opinion piece at best. And at its worst, it is disinformation based on poor foundations. 

What foundations? That the old ways are better than the new. That fear mongering is a more effective driver than forward thinking. That the argument is “either or” instead of “and also”. 

I need to explain the last one. This is based on dichotomous thinking of choosing one over the other (the pen or the keyboard). One result of such thinking is a side-based mindset: You are either for us or against us. 

This is not just unproductive, it is invalid. We can (and often do) use both. Whether we use a pen or keyboard is based on availability, need, and context. 

The fear that the headline tries to leverage on is parental and teacher anxiety that using tools with keyboards or screens will make kids less intelligent. 

Really? Intelligence as measured by what sort of tests? What other factors influence intelligence? What forms of intelligence?

The handwriting issue is not new. Looking back at my curated bookmarks, I first took note of it in February 2012. Since then I have reflected on more recent findings, like:

Back to the article. It is founded on dumb. I am dumbfounded that it was published. I take that back — it was relying on old strategies of using clickbait and providing information to further cement inertia. We need to be smarter than that.

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