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Posted on: April 23, 2021

This was a response to my reflection yesterday about the sheepish mindset.

I agree to the extent that shepherds try keep their sheep safe.

I don’t in that we should not be accidentally or purposely nurturing the sheepish mindset. Leaders and educators alike should not treat all their workers and students like sheep.

There is a place for discipline and standardisation. Take the mass production of microchip or the adoption of COVID-19 protocols as examples. But even as we do this, we need creative and critical thinking people to problem-seek and problem-solve.

To nurture that latter thinking, we need independent learners and not sheep. So we do not need shepherd-only roles.


1 Response to "Shepherd?"

Cherry M P, PhD :: Wear Your Mask, Please. ūüôŹūüŹŅ: IMO, anything top-down is more likely to put the sheep back in the rut than anywhere else. A growth mindset is not an easy thing to inculcate. Shepherds can always be there to help. But what if the sheep decide not to help themselves? Thanks for writing this piece Dr. Tan.



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