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Bitter pill

Posted on: April 20, 2021

I took this screenshot of one of many irritating YouTube ads.

This might be a bitter pill to swallow for a newspaper touting its own branded tablet — these already exist and do much more than the proprietary one.

People used to reinvent the wheel. Now they reinvent tablets? 

To be fair, I watched the promotional video that highlighted its affordances. I was not impressed, particularly when the pages still try to simulate a broadsheet (which you spread open with both hands) on a screen (that you can fit in the palm of one hand). 

My reflection is as much a critique of an old school newspaper trying to stay relevant as teachers who force fit old ideas that are not relevant or compatible with the times and technology. 

One way to break out of old school thinking is to critically and honestly answer these questions: 

  • What are people already using now?
  • How are they consuming/learning?
  • What gaps exist in these behaviours?
  • How do I bring value (and thus stay relevant) to them?

The questions are not exhaustive, but they are a start. They are also relevant to both newspaper and teacher.

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