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WordPress and ImageCodr

Posted on: March 31, 2021

After months of allowing a simple editing interface, WordPress forced its new editor on its mobile app and the Web. I am disappointed because I cannot rely on my favourite search of CC-licensed images, ImageCodr, as easily as before.

ImageCodr searches Flickr photos that have been labelled with any of the CC-licenses and provides HTML that can be copied and pasted into other websites. This used to work with the simple editor in WordPress.

Now I get this error message — This block contains unexpected or invalid content — when I try to embed HTML generated by ImageCodr. This happens if I add a new block -> embed -> choose embed as HTML.

Thankfully I can avoid this by a) ignoring the message (it still seems to embed), b) selecting custom HTML instead, or c) using some other external image source.

The last option is Pexel and Google Photos. I experimented with the Pexel source yesterday. I used images in shared folders in my Google Photos to embed all the screenshots above.

All this is a matter of getting used to the changes. However, I also think that the embedding is slower and less direct. It also feels like I am operating remotely on a patient — I cannot actually see and feel the HTML that this reflection is built on.

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