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Extreme learning

Posted on: March 4, 2021

Today I draw on two news reports to reflect on teaching and learning.

Video source

If any student and teacher in Singapore complains about school, they should watch this short BBC report about a school in Yemen.

The teachers and students returned to their bombed out school building after rebels were chased out by the government. I am in awe of their desire to learn despite the daily dangers they face.

The teachers work for free because of the civil war. While I do not expect teachers to work pro bono, this could be a reminder for teachers elsewhere to remember why they answered the call to teach.

The news snippet also featured a blind nine-year-old child stepped in when teachers did not show up. Talk about an extreme form of learning by peer teaching!

Video source

The second video was of a five-year-old boy who saved his mother because he called an emergency number that was printed on his toy ambulance.

In the interview, his mother revealed that she did not teach him how to use a phone, to remember emergency numbers, or even what to do in an emergency.

This is a three-part reminder about how we sometimes learn: We can do so by observation, we do not always require someone else to teach or model, and we best apply when there is an authentic need.

It should not take extremes of schooling during a civil war or a home emergency to remind us how to teach better. It is about focusing on what is best for our learners.

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