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Policy and implementation

Posted on: March 2, 2021

This news snippet highlighted a training and education policy from our current Education Minister.

Video source

Mr Lawrence Wong is one of our more empathetic public servants and seems to be a progressive thinker. He also knows that policy is relatively easy to craft than to follow through with implementation.

Why? Every policy is subject to opposition, interpretation, and implementation. Even if we assume that a good policy has zero opposition, it is still subject to differences in interpretation and implementation.

This is not always a bad thing because policies need to be contextualised in their own content and skill areas. So if the policy is to nurture students and workers who are more independent and flexible, teachers in the humanities might have different ways of reaching that ideal compared to AI computing educators.

That said, different people can also have the same sorts of fallbacks and defensive tactics. Take my rant about administrative manuals yesterday. An administrative group might see their role as ensuring compliance and create a manual or handbook. These can be viewed and used as recipes to follow instead of requiring learners to actually learn actively, authentically, and independently.

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