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Flaw upon flaw

Posted on: February 20, 2021

I agree with the tweeted sentiment above, but for a different reason.

The rationale in the linked article for not taking Bloom-ified technology seriously was:

Many of the free digital services illustrated have been abandoned, shutdown or curtailed (eg Delicious, Wikispaces, Flickr).

Someone could easily replace those examples with popular and functional ones.

I have shared my objections before [1] [2]. Short version: The taxonomy is misleading because it implies directionality, i.e., bottom to top.

It is possible to focus on one higher outcome, e.g., challenging students to create a two-minute video about a concept. This challenge requires students to run the entire gamut of outcomes from basic recall to higher level decision-making.

My objection to Bloom-ified edtech is reducing or locking affordances instead of exploring possibilities.

Consider how a quiz-based app might be used by a teacher to test recall and then provide formative feedback. This is a relatively low-level task.

Now imagine the same app in the hands of learners challenged to cooperatively design and test five questions on their peers. They would need to do what a teacher does and employ both critical and creative thinking. They would need to ensure that their recall is accurate and be able to evaluate their options.

Bloom-ified technology is taking one flaw (linear hierarchy) and combining it with another flaw (limiting technology). Just because you can combine one idea with another does not mean you should.

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