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Cat got your tongue?

Posted on: February 15, 2021

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Last week’s news and meme is old and passé by now. A news pundit said that it “teaches us nothing” and it “just very funny”.

I disagree. You can learn from any event if you choose to. This is particularly true of teachers who are pushed to use technology.

In the era of Zoom, you might realise the importance of not sharing devices if you can afford it. If you have to share devices, at least learn how to activate and deactivate functions like video overlays.

Alternatively, you might learn the affordances of features you might not necessarily use because you could teach yourself the social and pedagogical affordances of those features.

To simply take the event as face value and not learn from it is not funny. It is foolish.

Consider this example in the context of higher education. According to this Mothership article, an NUS professor only realised that he was muted for most of his almost two-hour Zoom-based lecture.

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It should not take a pandemic to learn that you should not be conducting two-hour lectures or not pause periodically for questions. It could take the forced adoption of Zoom to realise that the seminar mode is not ideal and that it is always a good idea to enable alternative feedback features in Zoom, e.g., text chat, emoji reactions.

If teachers and educators do not learn from the mistakes of others, the cat might not only get their tongues. They might also get eggs on their faces.

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