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Science as process

Posted on: February 10, 2021

When I was a child, science was a series of one interesting fact after another. When I was a teacher of science, it was important information I had to relay to my students.

When I became an educator, I learnt that science is more about processes. Processes of thinking, testing, revising, and retrying. What I had previously thought of as science could be packaged like products in textbooks or CDs (yes, those old things).

Video source

This video illustrates why science is not just a collection of facts. It is true that we have many more bones when were are in utero compared to when we are old. This is because bones fuse.

But the “established fact” that an adult human body has 206 bones is not true. Henry Gray arrived at that conclusion from dissecting cadavers of different age groups. Gray’s number was repeated in textbooks and that became fact.

We now challenge that number because of new information that we have found thanks to technology and critical thinking. Science is about habits of mind, challenging and testing information, and improving what we think we know. No bones about it.

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lwshodges: thoroughly enjoyed reading through this 👍 thanks Ashley



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