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Opportunity and persistence

Posted on: February 6, 2021

This tweet triggered my response.

Many who have never telecommuted for work have had the opportunity to do so during the current pandemic. They might miss aspects of office work, but they might also have learnt to appreciate the lack of commute, the greater independence, and a better work-life balance. Maybe.

Teachers and educators who were forced to teach outside their classrooms might also miss their physical domains. But some have taken the opportunity to learn to flourish during remote teaching and online learning.

Whether office workers and teachers do well under the new circumstance and whether they bring good learnt habits back to work when “normalcy” resumes depends on who they are. Sadly, we have diminishing returns.

The ones who do well with change is a small group. Those that learn from this experience and transfer what they learn is an even smaller group. The smallest group include those that persist in learning long after the current pressures are gone.

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