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Comedy and edtech?

Posted on: January 29, 2021

I am a news junkie in that I consume a variety of information from reputable sources. I have noticed how much scientific and newsworthy nuggets are packaged in satire.

Valid and reliable scientific information and findings tend to be dry or boring. So this game show makes things interesting by involving comedians.

Video source

The same could be said about the delivery and processing of news. Many talkshows in the USA helmed by comedians do this.

Video source

It is tempting to take these shows as sources of information and news. We should not because they are designed first to entertain, not primarily to educate or inform.

If consuming these sources can be likened to a meal, then the comedic science and news are like dessert — appealing and easy to swallow. But we cannot subsist on just dessert.

We might start with these tempting treats, but not stop there. If there is something I hear from a non-news or science source that I do not know about, I seek authoritative sources. But I do not have to do this often because I start with the latter and enjoy the former when they are reprocessed in funny form.

Rising above, I see a parallel between this phenomenon and teachers are trying to adopt edtech. They might have observed a vendor’s demonstration, participated in a workshop, or watched a snazzy YouTube video. This is like the comedic version of edtech because it has been reprocessed.

It is harder and more important work to plan and implement edtech from the basics, i.e., the pedagogy, the technological and social affordances, and the relevance to content. Doing this is not glamorous or exciting, but it is the difference between clumsy tinkering and masterful execution.

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