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Checking change

Posted on: January 12, 2021

This reflection has two parts.

If we took this Facebook post seriously, a naysayer might agree with its sentiment point out the ridiculous lengths it now takes to charge an electric vehicle in an emergency. But a more objective person would point out how the environment is not ready for a progressive change, i.e., there are not enough charging stations.

If we look back in history, we might find that petrol-based cars had the same issue when the system was optimised for animal-drawn vehicles. There would not have been enough fuel stations, the laws would have favoured horses, the roads would not have been tarmacked, etc.

So it does not make sense to judge an incoming change with the standards of an outgoing one. Instead, we should make way or embrace change, even if it might look ridiculous or feel uncomfortable now. How else is change going to happen?

But the premise of that Facebook post was false. Two news agencies [Reuters] [USA Today] pointed out that the premise was not accurate.

“The photo was actually misinterpreted,” Christian Klejna, a technical expert at ÖAMTC, told Reuters via email. “This is not a petrol generator, but a mobile power bank for e-cars. The “Mobile Electric Vehicle Charger” consists of several lithium cells and can deliver electricity for about twelve kilometers to an electric vehicle.”

The rescue vehicle was diesel-powered, not petrol-driven. The charger was not diesel but electric instead. If the argument is still that the rescue vehicle was not electric, it misses the point.

Using factually incorrect “memes” does not make you correct. It does not counter the fact that change in transition, particularly in its early stages, looks clumsy. Resisting progressive change with ignorance does not strengthen a laggard’s cause.

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