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Interesting vs important

Posted on: January 4, 2021

The recent mass experiments on “home-based learning” might have provided parents with a small taste of what teachers have to deal with every day and on a larger scale. But this is not as the same as having insights on their preparatory work.

Video source

It is not often that people see what teachers and educators do to prepare for classes. So this video of a teacher psyching himself up might enlighten some stakeholders.

According to the video, the teacher did pushups before class and forced himself smile before he entered a classroom. This ritual was made transparent only by video capture and interview.

Less visible but critically more important rituals might include the preparation of lesson materials, rehearsals of such lessons, and the feedback on assignments. These are mundane and no amount of video wizardry and interview savvy will make these look interesting. But real educators know that interesting is not the same as important. We focus on the latter.

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