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Posted on: January 1, 2021

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As I watched this video, I could hear the fear mongers and armchair experts talk about AI taking over, making reference to the fictional Skynet, or how the video foretells of robots dancing on our graves.

All this is projection without fact. Movies are not the same as critical research or reflective practice. Conjecture should not be placed at the same level as scientific advancement or nuanced policies of use.

Fiction and fantasy have their purposes, e.g., entertainment, making critical statements. But these are the easy and attention-grabbing headlines that should not be confused with the hard and mundane work of scientific endeavour.

Any projection, whether informed or not, is subject to how myopic we are. We might look back with rose-tinted glasses, but we can barely look forward beyond our noses.

For some perspective, I offer this tweet from Pessimists Archive. Technology is not all gloom and doom. It enabled many of us to continue schooling, work, and life despite the pandemic. It is already doing much good, but that does not sell the news.

Technology has the potential to do harm even when it is designed to do good. But that is not because of technology; it is because of the short-sighted and imperfect human user. If we take that perspective, we might be more mindful about how we invent and use technologies.

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