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Inner uncle

Posted on: December 30, 2020

One thing I embraced this year was being an “uncle”. I am not referring to the familial uncle but to the mostly Asian reference an older man.

Even though I do not completely look it — my parents blessed me with youthful genes — I am comfortable with being an uncle. So comfortable that I urged wife to embrace her inner “auntie”.

TraceTogether token.

This does not mean we complain about young people or are old-fashioned. It does mean being smart by being prudent. For example, we waited for the TraceTogether token instead of installing the app on our phones.

Even if the newer app promised more data privacy, it would still drain the phone battery. We would rather have a separate device that had its own power and no data link to your phones.

This does not mean that we will not install the app. It does mean we have started relying on the token more than the app and scanning QR codes. This has led to shorter wait times at queues to get into buildings. It can be good to embrace your inner uncle or auntie, particularly if it helps you without harming others.

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