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Dun fren you!

Posted on: December 19, 2020

That is “Don’t friend you!” — an utterance echoed across generations of Singaporean children when one child feels offended by another. This is our way of expressing displeasure, but kids often forgive and forget.

Now here is something educators who are forced to use “learning management systems” (LMS) should note: Canvas is not your friend. Neither is Blackboard or any institutionalised tool that aims to standardise or unify.


In the link above, Lisa Lane highlighted several problems with Canvas. If I had to put what she said in a nutshell, I would offer that the LMS focuses the organisation of information at the expense of pedagogical flexibility (i.e., it is about types of material instead of the phase of learning). LMS are not designed for student-centric or student-led learning.

Canvas is not a pedagogue’s friend. A pedagogue should also say “Dun fren you!” to any LMS because going open and varied is better than limiting yourself to a closed and walled garden. The former mirrors what students already use and will face in every day life and work; the latter are an artificial construct built for control and profit.

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