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Posted on: December 3, 2020

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This consumer report could have easily been a podcast episode from the Pessimists Archive. It dispelled the pseudo science and fear mongering around blue light and spectacle lenses that block it.

The eye and radiation experts that CNBC consulted both cited scientific data and current knowledge. For example, we might experience eye fatigue because we do not blink as much or not rest our eyes periodically while using screens. We also get 30 times more blue light from the sky than being indoors with screens.

The blue filtering lenses are more of a marketing gimmick designed to boost sales than to provide a safety feature to users. The problem is that potential customers hear “facts” from sales people and none from experts.

The bigger problem is that those users uncritically pass those myths along. The long term harm is that we accept easy to digest fallacy over critical forms of thinking. We become shortsighted that way.

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