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KSA of edtech

Posted on: December 2, 2020

KSA is short for knowledge, skills, and attitudes. It is an old scaffold for teachers to plan activities that might address all three aspects of learning.

I wonder if teachers use KSA to guide their own learning of the educational possibilities with technology. I use a personal experience to elaborate.

A few weeks ago, I was unexpectedly asked to help a relative measure a room’s dimensions. The problem was that he did not have a tape measure.

I had read about the iPhone app, Measure, that could get rough measurements but never had the opportunity to use it authentically. My knowledge of the app that came from my daily consumption of all things technology.

The iOS Measure app.

Using the app was a matter of following on screen instructions and iterating by trial and error. This was the simple skill by practice and refinement.

I was willing to use the app because I am open to possibilities. I also prefer to find authentic or otherwise meaningful uses of technology. This was my overall attitude towards technology use.

You cannot leave out any of the three elements when learning about and integrating edtech. Knowledge alone of the existence of an app or how it was used in some context is empty without skill. Competent use of that app without purpose or passion is directionless. A positive attitude without knowledge of the efficacy of that technology is blind.

A frontline teacher or educator does not need a Masters degree to learn about various forms of design, affordances of technology, or edtech frameworks like TPACK. But at the bare minimum they need to practice what they preach — KSA — as they tinker with edtech.

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