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Your attention, please

Posted on: November 30, 2020

A small segment of this SciShow Psych video got my attention.

Video source

It was when host, Hank Green, said this: We cannot see things we are not paying attention to. This seems like an obvious principle and yet we all have our blindspots.

We cannot see things we are not paying attention to.

As an outsider and consultant, I help the people I work with to see what they cannot see because they are too close to their work. In schooling and education, my collaborators often cannot see that their short-term practices sometimes create long-term problems.

For example, one group I work with opted to convert workshops to online lectures. This actually worked against their mission of nurturing progressive pedagogies.

Another group adopted a cost-saving move to restrict administrative access to video conferencing. This meant that both teaching staff and students did not have access to recorded video. This not only led to a lack of transparency and trust, it denied users a useful revision tool.

Both parties have not paid attention to what is important. As a result, they cannot see how they are not fulfilling their mission statements. Their collaborators try to help them see, but our calls sometimes fall on deaf ears.

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