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Owning it

Posted on: November 18, 2020

This tweet provoked me to think and here is my response: You can own processes like learning.

I am an autodidact. Every day I consume content from my RSS feeds, Twitter stream, podcast episodes, and YouTube subscription. Then I reflect on them so that something rises to the surface.

That is my learning process. I take it, make it, guard it, and practice it daily. I take ownership of that process while respecting that others may have similar or different ways of learning.

I also take ownership of my workshop facilitation processes, so much so that I took one opportunity years ago to create a quick video of one example.

Video source

For me, ownership is about taking responsibility, not about taking possession. I take responsibility for supporting my family; there is nothing tangible to possess about that.

Likewise I take responsibility for educating myself (I own the processes I described above), but I do not possess that learning. The overall process is not transactional; it is transformative.

Ownership is evidenced by shows of agency and empowerment, be it for students or teachers. The article linked in the tweet below provides some how-tos of promoting agency and empowerment.

Ownership of learning by learners is not a frivolous fad. It is a foundation upon which to nurture resilient and independent learners.

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