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A quick test

Posted on: November 15, 2020

I can tell a lot about an administrator or policymaker by testing them with this question: What do you think about remote proctoring technology?

If they are for it or if they have already implemented it, they are unlikely to be student-centric. If they are against it and understand why remote proctoring is not edtech, they are likely to be student-centric.

To pass this test of student-centricity, you need to read the following:

The Washington Post article that exposes the practices of remote proctoring companies is informative if you already know how bad they are. It is shocking if you do not. Either way, consider yourself educated.

But the providers of remote proctoring are not the only ones to blame. They are responding to an opportunity from institutes of higher “education” that stubbornly stick to exams even in the era of COVID-19.

My quick test is over and it is time for a test that matters. I challenge administrators, policymakers, and anyone who has a stake in higher education to answer this question: What are more effective and meaningful ways of evaluating students for learning?

Some of the answers are Googleable while the important answers are not. The latter set is something you should “cheat” on by cooperating with others. In fact, you need to do all the things that remote proctoring detects as negative: Look away to think, open many other tabs to do your research, consult others, etc.

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