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Student agency

Posted on: November 13, 2020

Every now and then thank serendipity. Today is one such day.

Will Richardson offered this tweeted thought on student agency.

But it is one thing to know what “student agency” is. It is another to implement it practically.

So how might teachers nurture student agency? This MindShift article offers eight values to embody. I paraphrase them:

  1. Facilitate authentic decision-making
  2. Help learners to know their strengths and challenges while learning
  3. Leverage on natural curiosity and passions
  4. Show learners how questions drive learning
  5. Make room for authentic forms of assessment
  6. Model different learning strategies
  7. Showcase and celebrate learning
  8. Focus students on learning-to-be, not just learning-about

I would only add this thought to those of the two contributors: It is important to start this with learners when they are young. They are the most natural learners and have not had the energy and curiosity schooled out of them yet. If they start young, they grow to expect such an approach as they get older and they operate more independently as learners.

Agency is giving learners the opportunities to make decisions. Empowerment is enabling them to take meaningful and self-driven action.

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