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Making the grade

Posted on: November 10, 2020

One of the easiest ways to spot a teacher on public transport or at an eatery is when she brings out a stack of papers to grade.

This is true of my wife now and my parents decades ago. I grew up seeing our dining table topped with books and papers, and helped them mark assignments and tests.

So it was no surprise to learn that the soon-to-be First Lady of the USA, Dr Jill Biden, was known to grade on the run when she was Second Lady.

When I read the tweet above that claimed that Michelle Obama said that Jill Biden was always grading papers, I had to find a source. I could not find the exact quote, only a similar one from this Washington Post article.

The enduring image former staff members repeatedly say they have of Jill Biden during the Obama administration is her carrying a stack of papers she had to grade on state trips to places like Israel, Japan or the Democratic Republic of Congo. One time, Jill asked to leave her office hours 10 minutes early, recalls Jim McClellan, NOVA’s liberal arts dean, because Joe was sitting in Air Force Two waiting for her to show up so they could do a three-country tour of Latin America. “I said, ‘Well, since the jet is revving up and using gas sitting on the runway, go ahead,’ ” McClellan says. She left with a stack of papers to grade and had them all done in time to be back in the office at 7 a.m. for her Tuesday classes.

A teacher’s dedication today might be a bit more obvious to stakeholders in the era of COVID-19 and Zoom. But if they paid more attention before this, they might have noticed teachers grading papers whenever they could. They do this not because they are poor managers of their time, but because they have so much to take care of.

It is a pity that stakeholders do not have insights on the planning, worrying, counselling, chaperoning, and parenting that teachers do every day. Sadly, not all teachers are that dedicated. But those that are make the grade.

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