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Wrong question

Posted on: November 2, 2020

Lisa Lane posed this question Lecture: recorded, zoomed, or what? and provided her answers for each option depending on the type of lecturer one might be.

The problem with answering such a question lies in the photo she used in her blog entry. If you visit the link above, you would see the black-and-white photo of a white man in a suit talking to a room of other white men also in suits.

So much has changed from that time and yet such a “pedagogy”, if you can call it that, persists. It hangs on not because it is a fit strategy. It does so because people are lazy. And even lazy and unfit animals survive and pass on their genes because they are not selected against.

The same could be said about lecturing. The environment does not put pressure on this practice. It is not challenged socially, it is enabled technologically, and it is justified economically.

But I would urge those who rely on lecturing, even those who are really good at it, to consider this statement:

The danger of lectures is that they create the illusion of teaching for teachers, and the illusion of learning for learners.

Then we might consider a better question than Lane’s. One like: If not lectures, then what?

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